Website Development

Imagine a website that’s best-in-class for your industry. A website that’s so easy to update, you can do it yourself. A site that delivers value and a great visitor experience to your clients, friends, followers and supporters. Now imagine that website is yours!

Pier 8 Group can work with you to deliver:

  • a stunning design that gives your site the “wow factor” you’re looking for;
  • a mobile-friendly site that helps you reach a growing segment of your audience who do most of their browsing on tablets and smart phones;
  • an easy-to-use content management system that lets you update the site yourself; and,
  • the training and support you need to manage your site going forward.

Pier 8 Group uses open-source web development tools like WordPress and Drupal for all the websites we create. Unlike proprietary systems that can lock you into your current website vendor, these open source platforms are supported by a world-wide developer community. Moreover, they are incredibly robust and regularly updated to enhance website security.

Whether you’re looking for a small site to give you a presence on the web or a highly interactive site with a database and e-commerce capabilities, Pier 8 Group can build it for you.