Public Relations

While marketing and advertising can get your message to a large audience, it often falls short in helping people to understand, in a deeper sense, why your issue is important to them. Public relations, on the other hand, engages your audience in a way that advertising never can. It helps people to learn more about your issues and actively involves them in discussions and actions that build support for your projects and your cause.

Public relations can generate media coverage, engage the community, build partnerships and get key influencers on board with your vision. PR also leverages third-party communication channels to extend the reach of your message to a wider audience.

Pier 8 Group can help you to:

  • build better communications and stronger relationships with your employees and industry colleagues;
  • create top-of-mind awareness with your supporters and customers;
  • generate positive media coverage for your company; and,
  • help you to organize successful events, conferences and meetings.