A Gallery of Logo Designs

Like your company’s name and your branding tagline, your organization’s logo helps to shape the “identity” that distinguishes you from your competitors and others who are operating in the same field as you.

And just as businesses are different one from another, logos too come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and styles. Some strive to create an image of sophistication and professionalism, to inspire trust and confidence in the marketplace. Others are more expressive and playful, and are designed to elicit a smile or connect at an emotional level with their target audience.

In the gallery below, you’ll see examples of both these styles in the brands our designers have created here at Pier 8 Group. By clicking on the filters buttons below, you can view them by style and theme, to see what we mean.

  • Brand Logo Design
    Brand Logo Design
  • City of Music t-shirt
    Hamilton City of Music
  • ODHA
  • Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences
  • Native Dancers
    Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve
  • Shawn & Ed Brewing Company
    Shawn & Ed Brewing Company
  • Hamilton Waste Management
  • Give Waste a New Life
    Give Waste a New Life
  • Tourism Hamilton
  • Venture Niagara
    Venture Niagara
  • Think and Drive
  • Rebranding Workforce Planning Agency
  • Rethink Your Waste
  • Red grapes in vineyard
    Grape Growers of Ontario
  • Smart Gardening
    Smart Gardening
  • McMaster University Automotive Research
  • Halton Green Cart logo
    Halton Green Cart
  • FAXE
    FAXE Premium Lager
  • Halton Region Transportation Master Plan
  • CPRS Conference Branding and Design
  • bird watchers
  • Woody's Vodka Coolers
  • Hamilton HIVE
  • Export Market Access
    Export Market Access