Strategy and Planning

Marketing requires more than an ability to create catchy slogans or attention-grabbing ads. It requires research and planning to identify the target audiences, market segments, communication channels, brand positioning, key messages and tactics that will allow your creative advertising to triumph.

Developing a marketing strategy is vital for any business. Pier 8 Group can help you to develop your strategy and to identify marketing opportunities. We can pinpoint specific market segments that are most likely to find your products and services appealing, and help you to define the key benefits and features of your own offerings that will resonate with these target audiences.

And yes, we can create those catchy slogans and attention-grabbing ads that will help you to reel them in.

Pier 8 Group can provide you with:

• Reliable market research
• Audience targeting
• Brand positioning
• Marketing mix and channels
• Key sales messages
• Advertising planning
• Communication tactics
• Marketing and sales tools
• Budget planning